Rail Transportation

The main direction of our activity is transport of your goods by rail. To do this, we develop the most profitable route for you and choose the most suitable type of wagons. This enables us to achieve maximum speed and security of delivery.

Multimodal Transportation

Entrust us to delivery your goods from any point, and we shall deliver it with the most optimal route - using a water, land or railway transport. This type of transport is the most efficient over long distances.


Geography of Services
Calculate your shipping costs yourself
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    We understand like no one that time is money. Therefore, we choose the most fast and convenient transportation routes.

    Individual approach to every client. Especially for you, we will develop the most flexible rates based on the characteristics of your goods and distance for transportation

    We will promptly collect all documents within a working day and assist in obtaining any additional documents for your goods transportation

    In any moment you can find out the exact location of your goods in any point of the world due to the constant dispatch control

    We work directly with JSC “NC “KTZ” and NC AISCP. It means you do not make any overpayments to intermediaries

    We deliver your goods to the target around the clock and without interruptions, reducing the delivery time
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